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Vision Services Plan (VSP)
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Allows services to be performed by any provider that is in the VSP network.

VSP Base plan offers $150 towards frames or contacts annually.

VSP Buy-up increases your allowance and offers $200 towards glasses or contacts annually. Copays are lower on progressive lenses.

Offers a Base plan with a Buy-Up plan option. Annual Eye Exam is covered at 100% for both the base and buy up plans.

Standard progressive lenses now have $0 copay.

The Dental and Vision plans will no longer be linked. If you elect a dental plan, you will no longer automatically be enrolled in a vision plan. Likewise, if you elect a vision plan, you no longer are required to elect a dental plan.

The allowance for frames and contacts has increased on the Base and Buy-Up plans!

The frame allowance at Walmart and Costco has been increased to match the VSP provider allowance!

Vision Savings Pass
VSP Vision Savings Pass Caregivers without vision coverage may utilize the VSP Vision Savings Pass, applicable to Caregiver only. This program provides discounts on vision services and products by utilizing VSPs network of providers. Please call 800-877-7195 for Savings Pass Providers.

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