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Disability Benefits Overview

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Short-Term Disability Insurance (STD)

Provides an important source of income should you become disabled and unable to work for a short period of time

The short-term disability policy shall provide disability benefits for Caregiver illness or injury in excess of fourteen consecutive days (including maternity) as follows: Sixty percent of the Caregiver’s regular full-time pay and regular part-time pay for short term disability benefits up to ninety calendar days. A Short Term Disability program will be offered to full-time (defined as 72 hours or more per pay period) and part-time benefit eligible (defined as 32 hours or greater per pay period) Caregivers for purchase at the employee’s expense and handled through the payroll deduction system. Benefit eligible Caregivers are eligible for coverage effective the first of the month following 6 months of continuous service. Enrollment in this plan must be completed within 30 days of date of hire or qualified change in status as defined by law.

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Long-Term Disability Insurance (LTD)

Provides the security of continuing income in the event you are disabled or unable to work for an extended period of time

Basic LTD provided at no cost to most Caregivers. Pays 60% of base monthly earnings after an applicable waiting period.

The cost of the base long-term disability insurance plan is paid by the Employer. Hourly employees will be given an option of purchasing a plan with a 60-day elimination period. The cost to the employee will be the difference between the base long-term disability insurance plan and the 60-day plan. Salary employees will have the opportunity to enhance their LTD benefit with a Buy-Up option that increases coverage to 66 2/3% of earnings up to the maximum benefit.

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