UAW-Represented Caregivers

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GuidanceResources® (Employee Assistance Program)


Provides 5 free face to face counseling sessions per Caregiver (and members of their households), per issue, per year. Along with confidential counseling, Caregivers also have access to legal, financial and other work-life balance resources No changes
Medical Coverage Opt-Out Bonus

Opt-Out Form

If a Caregiver is eligible for medical coverage through Sparrow, but is enrolled in medical coverage through a company/spouse/parent other than Sparrow Health System (which includes all wholly-owned Affiliates), s/he may choose to opt-out of the Sparrow health insurance.

UAW Represented Caregivers who opt out of health insurance and complete an Opt-Out form are eligible to receive a $75.00 monthly opt-out bonus.

No changes

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